Wedding fees

Set out below are the Church of England fees payable for your wedding. This is correct as of March 2023.

ST GORAN CHURCH  Charges for Weddings

Fees as notified by Diocese:

Marriage Service:    £505.00

Publication of Banns:  £34.00

Certificate of Banns: £17.00

Total: £556.00

St Goran Church Fees:

  Organist - We can put you in touch with an organist to make arrangements with him or her. Typical cost is £250.00.

  Verger  £40.00

  Bells  £120.00

  West End Room + Kitchen    £40.00

  Church Heating (if required)    £25.00

  Flowers in Church from   £50*  (Discuss with Tricia Atkins 01726-842227} (Optional)

ST MICHAEL'S CAERHAYS  Charges for weddings

St Michael's charges are as laid down by the Diocese, with extras similar to St Goran
      Marriage  Service       £505.00
      Publication of Banns  £34.00
      Banns Certificate    £17.00
  Total                           £556.00
      Verger £40.00
      Organist  £100.00
      Bells            £120.00
We do not offer flower arranging, but provide assistance and advice.




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