GDPR and Consent forms

GDPR and Consent Forms

Changes in UK legislation regarding Personal Data Protection came into force on May 26th of this year. Because the church holds a limited amount of Personal Data the PCC has had to review the way it handles that data. As part of that process we have now issued a Privacy Policy a copy of which can be found on the Homepage of this web-site. 

Another aspect of the process has been the raising of Consent forms which we are distributing to all those within the Church environment whom we hold data for. The purpose of these forms is to enable you to give written consent for the Church to use your data in the running of the Church in accordance to our Privacy Policy. You are liberty to not sign these forms, or opt out of certain aspects of using your data. If you have not received one please click on the appropriate link below.

Consent form     Consent form for PCC members and officers