Church Wardens Vacancies Coming Up


After many years of long and fruitful service our four church wardens, Alison and Michael at St Michael's and Hilary and Liz at St Goran are all to step down from their posts at the respective APCM in the Spring of 2019. They have served us long and hard and are due a well deserved rest from the important duties of being a church warden in our parishes. We thank them heartily for their work and wish them well in their rest safe in the knowledge that they will still be active within our Church community, just not as Church wardens.

This of course means we are looking for new church wardens for both parishes, important not least because if a Church has no Church wardens it cannot operate. Please pray for God's guidance to lead us to the right people to fill these posts, and for Him to prepare their hearts and minds to know that this is their calling.