Parish Update from the Rev'd Anne

Parish Update from the Rev'd Anne

Dear all,

I hope to make this the first of a monthly parish update to enable me to let you know what is going on, and to enable me to have feedback from you, as to how you want us to move forward as we journey together in our life in Christ.

I see my role in the first six months here primarily as getting to know you as individuals. As part of this I am going round visiting everyone on the electoral roll, not in any particular order, but in that way, it gives me an opportunity to get to know you, and indeed you me.

Secondly, I am getting to know the community here, and have been into the school for assemblies, which I will be doing once a month, and have offered to help in RE teaching if required. I am also going into the preschool once a month with a bible story and a song.

I am also setting up a pastoral care team to get out and about, visiting the housebound and taking communion out to those who might wish it. Being a member of this will require DBS clearance and training in safeguarding. The PC team will meet every two months and will undertake training in listening, bereavement counselling, amongst other areas. If this is something you would like to get involved in, please do contact me.


On a practical note Gill Overell has asked me to seek more volunteers to take part in our existing  service structure.

Sides people - greeting people, giving out (and collecting) hymn books and taking the collection

Readers - this usually entails reading twice (but for some people three times) in the three month rota schedule, but if we had more people it would mean needing to be asked less often!

Intercessions - currently we only have 3 people who are willing to do this, so it is a real commitment for them

Coffee - bring the milk and come a few minutes early to set up, then stay and make the coffee and clear the kitchen afterwards

If you do feel that you would like to contribute in any of these areas, please contact Gill  or myself. If you feel you would like to take part in the intercessions but would like some training,  we will arrange that.



As we embark on a new journey in Christ together, I would value your thoughts on particularly the types of worship you might enjoy, the timings, the venues and also what I can do to help you to move closer to God. To that end, I would be most grateful if you would take some time out to give the following some thought and prayer, and to come back to me either by email, or by letter if that is easier for you, or indeed by arranging to meet up so that I can get some idea as to where we may grow from here. We discussed some of these matters at PCC but felt the whole congregation should be involved, hence this letter.


At present all of our services are Eucharistic, either BCP on Wednesday and at Caerhays, other than one monthly evensong at Caerhays.

Would you be interested in different forms of worship, would you like more services, less services, would you like an occasional songs of praise?

Would you be interested in attending a monthly healing service with laying on of hands?

Would you be interested in a monthly service of meditation (silence)? If so where? St Just or St Goran or Caerhays?


One possible way of starting to engage children in the church is through craft workshops, perhaps on a Saturday, perhaps pre Mothering Sunday, pre Easter etc. Would you be interested in helping if we were to offer some sort of craft workshop, perhaps as a precursor to thinking about Messy Church?


If we were to hold a parish awayday to look at the vision for the parishes would you be interested in attending? (I understand one was held in 2016/7 but not followed through for various reasons)

Would you be interested in a bible course? If so, evening, daytime, weekly, fortnightly, monthly?

Would you be interested in a book group, looking at some current theologians work?

These are all just ideas, and of course you may have others.


What can we do to further our fellowship together? How can we share more? Eating together, walking together? Enjoying life together? What interests you?

I hope this letter will give you some food for thought, and look forward to receiving any feedback



A Parish Nurse for the Parishes of St Goran and St Michael, Caerhays - Update 5/2/2018.

The PCC at St Goran is embarking on an ambitious project which we hope will be of benefit to the whole community. Our vision is to provide a Parish Nurse to help people in this community achieve optimum health and wellbeing. The Parish Nurse will be employed, initially for 2 days per week for 3 years. To achieve this we will need to raise the necessary funds.

The Parish Nurse will be employed by the PCC of St Goran. The parish nursing service is recognised and supported by Parish Nursing Ministries UK (PNMUK). The Parish Nurse will be a registered nurse and will attend regular courses provided by PNMUK working towards full accreditation.

There are more details of this exciting project under the "Parish Nurse" tab on this web site, including details of the separate bank account that has been set up to administer the financial aspects of this venture. Donations and other pledges for further monies have already been received for which we are very thankful. However there is much more work to do.

St Goran Church: Parish Nurse Project - Financial Position at 4 February 2018 

Grants from The Diocese, Cornwall Council & two charitable trusts £16,500

Donations received £1,130

Donations pledged £3,000

Gift Aid   £750  

Total to date   £21,380

If you think you can help in that way please download the form on the link below and use it to set up a Standing Order or for a one-off donation. 

Parish Nurse Donation

If you are reading this and are interested in actually becoming our Parish Nurse then please contact our vicar,  Rev'd Anne Charlton ( Tel; 01726 842917 ) or John Woodbridge (Tel: 01726 843749) to discuss further. We would welcome your enquiry.